Maximum PSI M3/M4 S55 Silicone Charge Pipe Kit

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Planning on running higher than OEM boost levels on your M3/M4?  Swap in our silicone charge pipe kit to avoid bursting an oem plastic charge pipe!  

  • First silicone S55 charge pipes on the market.
  • New design has round tubing for less restriction
  • Replaces the factory plastic charge pipes that are prone to splitting under high boost
  • Track tested in our record holding F80 M3 - 9.3@151mph, now making ~900whp
  • CNC machined billet 6061 aluminum turbo outlet adapters for a leak-free connection to the turbocharger
  • Does not heat soak as easily as aluminum piping
  • Easy access to coils/spark plugs - Unclamp at the intercooler and fold out of the way!  No need to disconnect from the turbo
  • Includes all hardware for complete installation.  Comes with liner style hose clamps for soft silicone piping.
  • Lifetime warranty

Be sure to add our Aluminum J pipe to complete your charge pipe upgrades: