ATI Super Damper - S55 by VAC Motorsports

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Isolate harmonics before they can destroy your engine.

The VAC/ATi design and developement team brings harmonic control to the BMW S55 engine.

If you are breaking crankshafts and oil pumps, the cause may be a mystery to you as it has been to many of our customers. We know that controlling the harmonic resonance of the BMW 6 is highly important as RPMs rise, but the ideal configuration of the inline-6 motor makes even experienced engine builders overlook some fundamental principals of engine harmonics that can be destructive.

FACT: harmonics CAN destroy these motors despite their ideal 'inline six' balance. Popular word on the street says the OEM units do not fail, but we have dozens of clients who prove otherwise. Some racers would bring a few spare units to each event -not any more. Simply fitting their engines with the VAC damper solved their issue and restored confidence in the powertrain.

These VAC exclusive dampers eliminate nearly all unstable crankshaft harmonic vibration which allows the engine to produce more horsepower and torque, maintain reliability and ensure internal engine wear in minimized.

This new design has an integral pulley so there is no need for an additional pulley as the other models do.

  • VAC's ATI Super Dampers exceed SFI 18.1 Safety Certification and are approved for competition
  • Eliminate problems with inline 6s fit with lightweight clutch and flywheel assemblies
  • Control destructive harmonic forces
  • Reduces instances of bearing wear, accessory failure and oil pump failure
  • Made in the U.S.A.

ATI Performance Products, Inc. is located in Baltimore, MD, and specializes in producing and maintaining high performance products for street and strip applications. Over the years ATI has earned a reputation for its cutting edge technology, attention to detail and rigorous testing under race conditions. We are proud to have them as an exclusive partner in these BMW applications.