SPA/Maximum PSI E46 M3 Bottom Mount cast turbo manifold


– Compact design allows great component clearance
– Retains Factory A/C System
– High Mount Turbo Placement For Proper Lubrication Sans Use of Scavenge Pump
– Allows for 3.5”+ Intake Pipe

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We worked with SPA turbo in Brazil to provide a cost effective, durable alternative to our twin scroll tubular header. Our cast header features the identical flow path and flange locations so it can be swapped in any car with our E46 M3 turbo kit.  As an added bonus, the runner inside diameter has been enlarged slightly to have even better top end performance.  The twin scroll design builds boost quickly while still allowing enough exhaust flow for big power.  This manifold can also be used for S54 swaps in an E36 or other chassis.

Some highlights:
– Retains factory A/C system
– High mount turbo placement for proper lubrication without a scavenge pump
– Allows for 3.5”+ intake piping

**Optional install kit includes longer exhaust manifold studs, OEM gaskets, OEM nuts, Oil line and fittings from valve cover to oil pan(OEM steel line does not fit)**

***THIS MANIFOLD DOES NOT HAVE PROVISIONS FOR A WASTEGATE.  We run the wastegate off of the turbine housing.***



Weight 40 lbs
Add install kit?

YES (+$180), NO