Maximum PSI F8X M3/M4 Front Mount Intakes

$900.00 $750.00

Maximum PSI Front Mount Intakes for the F8X M3/M4.

Intakes currently ship with red K&N filters.

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We are proud to introduce our new Front Mount Intakes for the F8X M3/M4.

  • Maximizes airflow and achieves the coolest possible intake temperatures
  • Fabricated and TIG welded in-house
  • Designed for big airflow to complement turbo upgrades
  • Places the filters outside of the engine bay
  • OEM Fit and Finish
  • Aggressive look and sound

*******NOTE: Our intake components have recently been revised.  The front pipe installs over the radiator hose for better clearance, and the front connections are silicone piping for ease of install and a nice transition to larger diameter air filters**********

Minor trimming is required for the sides of the plastic radiator shroud.  The car can be returned to stock intakes if needed.  Bumper removal is not required for install, however it makes install much simpler.  Click here for F8x-Front-Mount-Intakes-Install-Instructions

We wanted to address a few customers questions and concerns:

We plan on making significant power with this platform, and took that into account when designing the intakes. We chose the filter size and location for performance and aesthetics. The filters are large, however BMW did an excellent job of ducting all airflow through the kidneys and into the heat exchanger and radiator, regardless of what is in front of the ducts. If it is needed, a slightly smaller filter length can be used. Until that point, this is the route that we prefer. There is plenty of airflow to go above and below the filters and into the their cooling components. The filters simply get first proirity.

We have obviously took into account driving these cars in the rain with exposed filter elements. I have done extended driving through heavy rainfall with no issues. The ratio of airflow going through the filters vs the amount of rain that will contact and be ingested through the filters is not enough to have any concern. People pay good money for water injection to allow for charge air cooling. Look at the M4 GTS that comes with water injection from the factory! I’m not saying we are intentionally trying to have water enter the system, only to say the small amount contacting the filter elements will dissipate long before there is any concern for water ingestion. Someone equated driving in the rain similar to spraying a power washer at the air filters. That is certainly NOT the case.



Weight 10 lbs
Choose finish

Texture black, Polished aluminum