Maximum PSI F8X M3/M4 Catless Downpipes


  • Back purged and TIG welded by professionals in South Amboy, NJ
  • 304SS, brushed finish
  • Guaranteed fitment every time!  No issues with O2 bung locations.
  • Lifetime warranty


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  • Back purged and TIG welded by professionals at our facility
  • 304SS, brushed finish*
  • Guaranteed fitment every time!  No issues with O2 bung locations.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Not 50 states legal.  For competition use only.

What makes our parts different from our competitors?

Made in house

Our goal is to offer high quality parts at affordable prices.  We fabricate and weld our components on-site using jigs that we build off out own test cars.  Many vendors simply have companies overseas weld their logo on a part and resell them as their own.  This results in very low part prices, however fit and finish suffer.  We built it right the first time, ensuring excellent fitment and eliminating potential reliability issues.  Our parts cost more than some of our competitors, however in our case you get what you pay for!

Back purging

Back purging the piping with argon during the TIG welding process ensures a flawless, bulletproof weld, and eliminates “sugaring” at the joint that occurs from the lack of shielding gas inside the pipe.  Sugaring is oxidation of the back side of a stainless weld that is also called granulation. It is a weak area that can lead to corrosion and cause the part to crack prematurely.  Here is a picture of the inside of our back purged welds:

You can see that the inside looks like it has been flawlessly welded from the inside as well.

Designed to maximize flow while retaining the oem flanges

Our downpipes stay 3″ for the entire length of the down pipe until they get to the oem 2.5″ flanges.  Several competitors reduce the pipes to 2.5″ much earlier.  We also chose not to use a flex section due to flow limitations.  The inside of most flex sections are smaller than the actual tube diameter(even on the OEM parts).  Downpipes that use a flex section have a smaller inside diameter through that portion, and it is also not a smooth material.  A bellows or interlocking liner can add turbulence, further causing a restriction in flow.  We have been building BMW inline 6 cylinder turbo components since 2007, and have never had an issue without running a flex section in any of our turbo systems.

Optional high-temp Cerakote ceramic coating

While it is not needed, many customers have inquired about ceramic coating.  We are proud to offer Cerakote high temp ceramic coating as an option for all of our components(although it does cover up our flawless welds!).  Ceramic coating can help reduce underhood temps.

Lifetime warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on our downpipes because we stand behind our products.  No explanation needed.

* Some downpipes may ship with a full polish

Add Cerakote ceramic coating?

No, Yes (+$150)