M5X/S5X Cut Ring Headgasket (Cooper Ring)


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Ultimate head gasket for forced induction M5X/S5X based engines.  These feature an organic gasket combined with a metal cooper ring/cut ring around each cylinder for an unbeatable seal.  Combine this gasket with one of our ARP head bolt sets for a bulletproof gasket solution.  Does not require any additional machining for the cut rings (unlike o-ringing).  The latest version of this head gasket includes newer style cut rings that have a triple groove cutting surface for maximum sealing.

This gasket can also be combined with a copper spacer to lower the compression for forced induction on a stock bottom end (Not needed for low compression motors).  Add a ARP head stud kit to complete the package! 

When you are not running a copper spacer, we recommend running at least 1mm larger gasket than your bore size so the pistons have no chance of contact with the cut rings.  If you have a question please shoot us an email and we’d be glad to help.

Weight 4 lbs
Select Bore Size/Thickness

84.5MM .079″ Thick, 85MM .079″ Thick, 86MM .079″ Thick, 87MM .079″ Thick

Add copper spacer?

No, Yes (+$200)

Add ARP 2000 head stud kit?

No, Yes (+$185)