Give Maximum PSI money and get nothing in return


Support your BMW forced induction specialists with our bi-annual “reverse Black Friday sale”!


After an amazing rush of orders from last year’s Black Friday reverse sale, we have brought back this excellent deal for a second year in a row!

Tons of companies in the performance industry whore themselves out on Black Friday through cyber Monday selling products for pennies over cost. We have always tried to take a different approach by making a quality product and selling it at the correct price from the start. There is a reason we do not offer a sale price on our parts and turbo kits. It is because we priced them fairly from the start!

We have brought back our popular absolutely nothing for the low price of $5 shipped to you!  You heard it right, you pay us, we give you nothing. Thank you for your business, and remember to support the guys you call for 7pm tech support on a Sunday, or the guys you see at the track testing the parts that we produce and sell.

Act now to get in on this limited offer!!! After Monday we will go back to offering quality parts and service at our normal rates and you will no longer be able to purchase nothing for something!