Stage 2 E46 M3 Turbo Kit


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Stage 2 utilizes the same hardware as Stage 1 along with with hardware, software, and fuel system upgrades for MS109.

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Stage 2 runs 8-9 psi on 91-93 octane pump gas, and has the ability to run as much as 18 psi with VP MS109 race fuel.  Power output will vary from car to car and is also dependent on exhaust configuration.  Typical power numbers are 470-500whp SAE on pump gas, and 550-675whp on MS109 fuel.  Due to the high output of the race gas setting we recommend install on manual transmission cars, although there are SMG installs on the road.   This package is no longer available in kit form, and requires the vehicle to be shipped to Maximum PSI for in-house install.  Please email for more info.

Stage 2 utilizes the same hardware as Stage 1 with the addition of the following:

-Stock DME Technique Tuning turbo software with switchable maps for pump gas/race gas via “Sport” button
-Larger fuel injectors to support higher power using MS109 fuel
-Switchable calibration key switch and harness
-Quick drain fuel line kit for quickly changing between pump gas and race gas

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MS109 Six Speed Non Catted, MS109 Six Speed Catted, MS109 SMG Non Catted, MS109 SMG Catted

2 reviews for Stage 2 E46 M3 Turbo Kit

  1. 5 out of 5


    I was the 41 kit sold for stage 2 and have been enjoying the awesome power and reliability for the last 10 months . So glad I found Maximum PSI . Terrific product made by terrific people .

  2. 1 out of 5


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