E36/E46 Non-M divided T4 bottom mount header


– Retains Factory A/C System
– High Mount Turbo Placement For Proper Lubrication Sans Use of Scavenge Pump
– Allows for 3.5”+ Intake Pipe

We believe that the Maximum PSI E36/E46 Non-M turbo header is the best bottom mount manifold option available for a 500+whp turbo build. The twin scroll design builds boost quickly while still allowing enough exhaust flow for big power. Our 1050whp 8 second E36 M3 is using a similar manifold with great success!  Chelsea DeNofa’s Formula Drift E46 BMW also ran our T4 turbo header coupled with a garrett 4094 turbo.

Some highlights:
– Retains factory A/C system
– High mount turbo placement for proper lubrication without a scavenge pump
– Allows for 3.5”+ intake piping

Weight 30 lbs