Tilton Carbon/Carbon Triple disc clutch by VAC Motorsports

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The best flywheel and clutch kit money can buy! Used in our 1050 WHP turbo E36 M3, Custom Supercharged builds, full on race wining touring cars and other exotic projects where the ultimate performance without sacrificed is demanded. Linear pedal effort similar to a OEM clutch with a more positive engagement. Gear changes so smooth it feels like a new transmission; unbelievable.

Utilizing the same technology found in Formula 1, the unique Carbon/Carbon clutch assemblies from Tilton offer an unparalleled blend of high-torque capacity, drivability and long life.

The flywheel (now only used for ring gear / engine starting) is machined from premium Billet Steel and non-load bearing, eliminating any doubts racers have about Billet Aluminum units while still offering ultra-low inertia and just enough stored energy to work well with supercharged S54s.

Tilton's Carbon-carbon friction pack has all the best characteristics a clutch can have; the smoothness of organic with strength and power holding that can easily exceed sintered iron. An excellent choice for any super high performance build.  Linear engagement characteristics similar to a street clutch with extreme heat capacity of the carbon matrix plates enable this clutch to be easily modulated/slipped without overheating and failing as others can. This characteristic also helps to reduce stress placed on other driveline components. The combination of the Carbon/Carbon clutch's extremely low inertia and the lightweight billet flywheel produces amazingly improved acceleration and very smooth high-rpm shifting as the syncros can match speed in the transmission much faster. The Tilton Carbon/Carbon clutch assembly also includes two additional pressure plates that compensate for wear, extending the life of the clutch before a rebuild is needed.

The VAC adapter kit allows the standard BMW master cylinder to operate Tilton's Hydraulic release bearing directly; offering low effort and perfectly linear engagement. There is no longer any clutch fork being used, eliminating this weakness and potential failure point.

Smooth like a street clutch-bites and holds like a pure race clutch; Carbon/Carbon 7.25" discs offer a clutch that can slip when needed and grabs harder the hotter it gets.

Extremely low mass compared to any traditional clutch design, this low-mass arrangement revs extremely quickly yet is very street-able and user friendly. Allows transmission syncros to come to speed super fast; gear changes become lightning-quick for domination on the race track.

100% carbon floating discs do not wear like typical friction materials in lesser designs. This offers quiet, long life (much higher than other materials) that will-not chatter, make odd noises like ceramic or bronze clutches, or have 1/3 the life of a Feramic clutch.

Are you in love so far, but concerned with cost? Lets show that this is actually a value if it meets your needs: 
-Up to quadruple the life of other units
-Quieter than many others of similar muti-disc design
-Smoother than others
-MUCH lighter than others
-Perfect for street or full race, and everything in between 
-The highest power handling available
-Adjustable & rebuildable!

In the end, its high initial purchase cost is offset by its performance, and rare need of replacement or service. Would you rather buy 3 or even 4 clutches and clutch jobs that don't perform as well, or 1 ULTIMATE performance package?


  • VAC Custom Low-mass Steel Alloy Flywheel
  • 7.25" Tilton (Twin or triple disc) Carbon/Carbon Clutch
  • Custom VAC/Tilton Hydraulic Release Bearing with VAC Adapter Plate
  • All hardware and accessories

Available in:

  • Twin Disc (up to 600ft/lbs of torque)
  • Triple Disc (Over 600ft/lbs of torque) for big power forced Induction.

Applications for:

  • Getrag 6 speed (default)
  • ZF 6 Speed
  • E36 5 Speed