M50/M52/S50/S52 Cut Ring Head gasket (Cooper Ring)

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Since the pandemic we have had very limited product supply with extended delays.

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JE cut-ring head gasket for forced induction M50/M52/S50/S52 engines.  These feature an organic gasket combined with a metal cooper ring/cut ring around each cylinder for an unbeatable seal.  Does not require any additional machining for the cut rings (unlike o-ringing).  The latest version of this head gasket includes newer style cut rings that have a triple groove cutting surface for maximum sealing.

This gasket can also be combined with our new bead seal copper spacer to lower the compression for forced induction on a stock bottom end (Not needed for low compression motors or NA applications).  Our proprietary copper spacer gaskets have sealant embossed to the block side of the spacer to eliminate small coolant leaks caused from block surface irregularities.   Add an ARP head stud kit to complete the package! 

When you are not running a copper spacer, we recommend running at least 1mm larger gasket than your bore size so the pistons have no chance of contact with the cut rings.  These gaskets require a retorque after the engine has been heat cycled.   If you have a question please shoot us an email and we’d be glad to help.   These parts are not always in stock as they are low volume items and we purchase them in batches.  Please email for estimated ship dates if it is a time sensitive purchase.