Dodson Motorsport Billet DCT Transmission Sump - Fits Numerous BMW DCT platforms

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Product Benefits

This BMW Transmission Sump Pan is an upgrade kit for the Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) in BMW sports cars.

The upgrade Sump is made of high grade billet Aluminium for increased strength and stiffness of the transmission case.  

Design reduces aeration in the oil before entering the oil filter.

The Aluminium material and sump design enhance the cooling for improved transmission temperatures.

The BMW Kit includes both the sump pan oil strainer and the oil filter for a complete transmission upgrade. 


Material: Billet Aluminium

Use: High-performance BMW DCT transmissions.

Transmission model: DCT GS7D36SG

Kit Includes:

BMW Billet sump pan

Upgraded oil filter (replaceable filter) DMS-2807

All mounting hardware and bolts

Trans filter - round filter kit

Suitable vehicles upgrade:

The Following vehicles fitted with the 7 speed M-DCT transmission:

135i (F20/21), 335i (E90) , M2 (F87), M3 (E90/91/93), M3 (F80), M4 (F82/83), M5 (F10), M6 (F06/12/13) and Z4 35i (E89)