The Company

Maximum PSI was formed in 2007 by a pair of like-minded racers and enthusiasts. Since then we have grown in size, and narrowed in scope. Currently our focus is almost entirely on BMW forced induction, however our goals have not changed: To provide the highest quality products and services, and to maintain a flawless record with customer satisfaction. We also strongly believe in the race what you sell concept, and we durability test all of our products on the street and track. Our products are fabricated in the USA by skilled welders and craftsmen who take their job very seriously!  Maximum PSI and Bimmer Clinic joined forces in February 2016 to create a BMW powerhouse that specializes in service, performance, and repair.

The Staff

img2068oMike has a strong fabrication and mechanical background, backed up with 6 years of catalyst development at Engelhard Corp./BASF Catalysts.  He bought his 1997 M3 in 2006 with the sole intention to turbocharge it and advance the turbocharged BMW scene in the US.  He began pushing the limits with a custom turbo set up and standalone ECU. Mike soon became the first in the US to push the E36 chassis to a 9 second quarter mile.   Eventually he converted the car back to a remapped factory ECU with the help of Nick Glantzis from Technique Tuning.  Mike accomplished a long term goal of breaking into the 8’s with a personal best time of 8.94 seconds at 164mph.   It is  fastest street E36 BMW, all with a complete BMW drivetrain/manual transmission/stock ECU.  Mike achieved similar results with his turbocharged E46 M3, running a best time of 9.74@146mph on the stock internals.  His goal is to focus on the F80 M3 this coming season, and also add products for the newer turbocharged BMW’s.  The shop F80 M3 currently holds the 1/4 mile record at 10.27@137mph.

Current Vehicles: 700+whp F80 M3, 900whp 2002 BMW M3 with modified Maximum PSI Stage Two Turbo Kit
Past: Daily driven 1050whp 870wtq 1997 BMW M3



Recent Achievements

Maximum PSI E36 M3 – Fastest street BMW in the US – 8.94@164.3 mph

Maximum PSI E36 runs 7.8@186mph in Slipstream “Roll Out to Reach Out” roll racing event

Fastest stock DME E46 M3 in the world – 9.74@145.9 mph