Maximum PSI Turbo Kits

Stage 1

The Maximum PSI Stage 1 catted turbo kit is the only street legal, factory DME tuned kit available for the E46 M3

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Stage 2

Stage 2 utilizes similar hardware as Stage 1 but incorporates hardware/software upgrades for even more power on MS109 fuel

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Stage 3

Stage 3 utilizes the factory DME with a Maximum PSI engine build using forged internals and a larger Precison turbo.

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Stage 4

Stage 4 upgrades numerous components from Stage 3.  S4 allows you to do a burnout from corner exit to corner entry.

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 Representing the boosted Bimmers at Waterfest. #maximumpsi #bimmerclinic  Just a casual drive through Italy. Wish I had the M3 to waste some rubber.
 Found some real Harlequin's at waterfest unlike our LeMons Jetta clone!  Death by rod or death by crank hub.. you decide! Either way its time to improve.

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