Maximum PSI Turbo Kits

Stage 1

The Maximum PSI Stage 1 catted turbo kit is the only street legal, factory DME tuned kit available for the E46 M3

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Stage 2

Stage 2 utilizes similar hardware as Stage 1 but incorporates hardware/software upgrades for even more power on MS109 fuel

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Stage 3

Stage 3 utilizes the factory DME with a Maximum PSI engine build using forged internals and a larger Precison turbo.

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Stage 4

Stage 4 upgrades numerous components from Stage 3.  S4 allows you to do a burnout from corner exit to corner entry.

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 No more unlocking needed for our F Series BMW software options! Say goodbye to having to pull the ECU for the initial flash! #maximumpsi #bimmerclinic #bmwspecialists  Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and customers! We will be back open on Monday!
 We will begin taking pre-orders for our keyed crank hub and gears next week. #maximumpsi #bimmerclinic #bmwspecialists  S55 going together with our rod/piston/crank hub combo. We will have our hub solution ready to sell shortly. Please email us to be put on our mailing list for the hub. #maximumpsi #bimmerclinic #bmwspecialists #willitblend

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